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Ricard Pastis

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Ricard Pastis is an iconic French aperitif that is loved for its refreshing anise-forward flavour. Crafted in France, it's made through a traditional process that dates back to the 1930's. The key ingredient is star anise, which provides the licorice flavour and this is blended with other fabulous ingredients such as licorice root, fennel and other secret aromatic herbs are included in the mix. These are carefully combined with neutral alcohol before being distilled, resulting in a complex and flavourful anise liqueur.

The history of Ricard Pastis dates back to the early 1930s when Paul Ricard, the founder of Pernod Ricard, introduced the recipe. The drink quickly gained popularity and became an essential part of the French apéritif culture. Interestingly, Pastis was originally created as a substitute for absinthe, which was banned in France in 1915. With its anise flavor, Ricard Pastis provided an alternative for those who missed the absinthe drinking experience.

One notable aspect of Ricard Pastis is the traditional ritual associated with its consumption. Similar to other pastis beverages, it is customary to serve Ricard with cold water and ice. The addition of water results in a mesmerizing cloudy transformation, known as “louche,” where the anise oils are released, enhancing the drink’s flavors and aroma.
Bottle Size: 70cl


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