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Serving Brighton and the South East with great drinks since 2015 in our shop in the heart of Seven Dials.

We are a small importer, retailer and wholesaler and we are passionate about bringing amazing drinks to your table from all over the world. At Seven Cellars we love to support small wineries, fledgling breweries, craft distilleries and local businesses wherever we can and bring to our customers authentic expressions of what the world has to offer us in a bottle.

Many of our wines are natural, organic or biodynamic and some are vegan too. We take great care to bring you them at the very best prices available.

Never worry about wine buying again – we’re here to take the stuffiness out of it. Never again feel unease going in to an old, stuffy place that’s been there for years where the preening proprietor sticks his nose in the air and makes you feel daft if you don’t know what an orange wine is… (it’s a white wine made with the grape skins on by the way) Not sure about something? Ask us – it’s always ok.

Our range is ever changing but our website is as up to date as possible but also changes all the time. We’re constantly evolving it to bring you the very latest in wines, beers and spirits.


We are proud to source wines from trusted network of ethical suppliers for our customers. Dealing directly with suppliers means that the provenance of our wines are assured.

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Check our latest featured beers. We personally taste and select each beer to ensure that our customers experience unique crafted brews.

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We believe that we have a duty to discover new drinks that you probably have not heard of. Whisky, gin or rum, we have it covered. 

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Natural Wine

 Natural wine is wine made from organically grown grapes. Instead of using yeast that has been introduced from the wine-makers wine making ingredients – (from a packet) The winemaker relies solely on indigenous yeasts found on the grape skins, and within the naturally occurring environment. The fermentation occurs spontaneously, and the wild yeast does what it does – naturally. This can result in outstanding wines – but also, to be perfectly honest sometimes they can be kind of “funky” tasting and this is to be expected.  At Seven Cellars, we try all our wines and avoid some of the wines that frankly can taste of cat pee. Our natural wines undergo no serious intervention at all; temperature control is fine but adding acid or removing water is not. There is usually very little in the way of fining or filtration. A very light addition of sulphur to preserve the wines on bottling is added unless stated otherwise.


Less additives

Organic wine is wine made from grapes that have been grown in accordance with principles of organic farming. Read more

Low Sulphur

Avoid excessive sulphites

Sulphites in wine causes more debate amongst wine makers and consumers than almost anything else. Read more


Produced without animal products

Although we think of wine being fermented grapes, in the production process there is a filtering stage called fining. This is where animal products can come into play. Vegan wine avoids using animal products at this stage. Read more

Seven Cellars is the perfect antidote to the mass produced homogenised products sold by supermarkets and online giants. Our team knows the individual story behind each beverage that we stock.


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