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Pet Nat

Pet Nat - The wine equivalent of a hipster. Basically Pet Nat is short for “Petillant Naturel” a naturally sparkling wine. These wines have had minimal intervention and they taste great! The winemaker has to show a lot of restraint in the wine making process – and allow nature to take its course. Basically the wine is bottled before the wine has finished fermenting, no secondary fermentation, like in champagne; instead the wine carries on fermenting inside the bottle leaving the CO2 with no place to go so it ends up as bubbles in the bottle. The style is simple and rustic – it’s often cloudy. Most of the time there will be a crown cap – just like on a bottle of beer. Each wine is unpredictable which adds to the allure. When they’re good – they can be the best wine you’ve ever had, but sometimes they can taste…. Farmyardy… The great news is, they’re usually very affordable when compared to champagne, and we’ve gone through the tasting process for you. All ours are up to our high standards.

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