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Simply put, Brandy is distilled wine. Its origins are of course very closely linked to wine production so you tend to find that countries with a history of wine making make great brandy, Spain, France and Italy for example. The term “brandy” is also used to describe a spirit made from pomace or fruit other than grapes. Armagnac is from the Armagnac region – our Baron de Sigognac is a popular choice among our Armagnac nuts at Seven Cellars.  Cognac is from the Cognac region in France. There are distinct differences between Armagnac and Cognac which sounds like a topic for a blog and so if you’re interested do check in for this information soon. If you’re into Brandy – what about trying a Pisco from Chile or Peru? We have a lot of choices here and above all else we really hope you enjoy the discovery be it a VS (Very Special), VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) XO (Extra Old) or an Hor’s d’age (beyond age and usually at least 10 years old).

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