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Biodynamic Wine

Embrace the holistic approach with our premium selection of biodynamic wines, crafted in harmony with the earth's rhythms and cycles.

Discover wines that go beyond organic by adhering to biodynamic principles, which integrate astrological influences and ecosystem sustainability into viticulture. Each bottle from our collection not only supports sustainable farming practices but also offers a deeper, more complex flavour profile.

 Biodynamic wine is always organic and the viticultural and winemaking practices are based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner (also known for his holistic approach to Education and the famous Steiner Schools). The farm is seen as the universe, one whole entity or ecosystem and everything within the vineyard has an interconnectivity and resonance to and from each other. That which is used in the vineyard must come from the vineyard, and there is a determination to create a self-sufficient environment.

Biodiversity is encouraged, plants are grown to attract bugs away from vines. Chickens, sheep and other animals are allowed to roam the vineyards – creating both natural fertilisers (and the chickens love to peck at any bugs that may be around to cause problems with the vines).

There are root days and fruit days, leaf days and flower days when you should and shouldn’t pick, plant and even drink wine – all held together and determined by the waxing and waning of the moon. Whatever you think to this way of making wine, the fact remains it is made with incredible skill, care and an admirable determination to tread lightly on the planet.

It’s here to stay and that’s a good thing.

We are proud to present a range of biodynamic wines that reflect a commitment to environmental stewardship and exceptional winemaking. Our naturally created wines are sourced from vineyards that use preparations and practices designed to enhance soil health and vine vitality, ensuring the grapes are of the highest quality and expressive of their ground that they came from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your shipping policy?

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For full information regarding our delivery please check out our shipping policy

How do biodynamic practices differ from organic?

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While both avoid synthetic chemicals, biodynamic farming also incorporates ideas about a vineyard as an ecosystem, uses preparations made from fermented manure, minerals, and herbs, and follows an agricultural calendar based on celestial configurations.

Can biodynamic wines improve health?

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While biodynamic wines are not proven to improve health, they are made using highly natural processes that avoid synthetic chemicals, which can be preferable for health-conscious individuals.

Are biodynamic wines more expensive?

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Biodynamic wines can be more expensive due to the intensive labor and the extensive sustainable practices required in the vineyard, reflecting the quality and care put into each bottle.

Does biodynamic wine taste better?

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Taste is in the eye of the beholder! We personally believe these are great fine wines. It is completely unique to each person whether they prefer a biodynamic wine or something else but generally speaking on average a biodynamic wine will have a better and more rounded flavour profile.

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