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 Amaretto is a sweet Italian liqueur, renowned for its delightful almond flavour. Exquisite in more ways than one, this liqueur is a versatile delight and can be enjoyed in many forms. 

Enjoyed straight as a digestif, splashed into classic cocktails, or even baked into pastries and desserts. If you enjoy the taste of almonds, then look no further than Seven Cellars Amaretto collection.


Amaretto is a delicious way to experience almond flavour in a drink or dessert form. Amaretto is a key ingredient in popular cocktails, such as; the Amaretto Sour or the Godfather. It adds a unique sweetness and depth of flavour to these drinks.

Originally made from a neutral spirit, Amaretto gets its signature almond taste from one of, or a combination of apricot seed, bitter almonds, and peach stones. Sugar and caramel are often added to balance the subtle bitterness of almonds, creating a delightful flavoured liqueur. 

Amaretto goes beyond just sipping. Its almond essence adds a wonderful touch to various recipes, cakes, cookies, or even ice cream. Alternatively, it can be chosen as a digestif following a rich meal. In its Italian nature, it’s rumoured to help with digestion due to its sweetness. Move over Italian wines, there's a new competitor on the block!

If you are hosting a dinner party, a small bottle of amaretto can be a unique and appreciated gift to follow your meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Amaretto typically enjoyed?

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Amaretto is a versatile ingredient enjoyed in various ways:

  • Straight: As a digestif (a drink consumed after a meal to aid digestion).
  • Cocktails: A popular ingredient in many cocktails like Amaretto Sour or Godfather.
  • Baking: Used to add almond flavour to desserts like cakes, cookies, and pastries.

What are some popular Amaretto cocktails?

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Amaretto is a key ingredient in many classic cocktails, adding a unique sweetness and depth of flavour. Amaretto Sour, combines amaretto, lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg white for a sweet and tart experience. Godfather is a blend of amaretto and scotch, offering a smooth and complex taste.

What percentage of alcohol is in Amaretto?

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Amaretto generally ranges from 21% to 28% alcohol by volume (ABV). A dessert with a splash of Amaretto in will have a lower percentage of alcohol compared to a recipe that uses a whole cup. However, alcohol evaporates during cooking. The longer a dessert is cooked with Amaretto, the less alcohol remains in the final product.

What are some reasons to buy Amaretto?

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There are several reasons why you might consider buying amaretto:

  1. Unique Flavour: If you enjoy the taste of almonds, amaretto is a delicious way to experience it. It adds a delightful touch to drinks and desserts.
  2. Versatile Ingredient: Amaretto goes beyond just sipping. It elevates desserts with its almond essence and adds complexity to cocktails.
  3. Cocktail Enthusiast?: Amaretto opens doors to explore classic cocktails and experiment with your own creations.
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