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Ki No Bi - Kyoto Gin

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Ki No Bi Kyoto Gin is exclusively produced in Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital, nestled amidst serene bamboo forests and lush gardens. The city's abundant botanicals serve as inspiration and ingredients for this exceptional gin.

The production of Ki No Bi Kyoto Gin is an artful process carried out by Kyoto Distillery, Japan's first dedicated gin distillery. The team at Kyoto Distillery combines traditional gin-making techniques with local botanicals to create a spirit that is distinctly Japanese yet globally celebrated.

The gin is crafted using a unique blend of ingredients, which include juniper berries, yuzu, ginger, bamboo leaves, and green tea, among others. These botanicals are meticulously sourced from the Kyoto region, ensuring an authentic and genuine representation of the city's terroir in every sip.

The history of Ki No Bi Kyoto Gin is relatively recent, with its first batch distilled in 2016. Despite its young age, the gin has rapidly gained international acclaim, captivating gin enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike with its exquisite blend of flavors and cultural significance.

One interesting and unusual aspect of Ki No Bi Kyoto Gin is the attention given to the four-season philosophy, which is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. The gin's botanicals are carefully selected to represent each season, making the spirit an embodiment of Kyoto's changing landscapes throughout the 
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