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Kentucky Owl - Confiscated - Bourbon

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Charles Mortimer Dedman established Kentucky Owl on the banks of the Kentucky River in 1879, and for 37 years it flourished, until the Federal Government confiscated its stocks in 1916 ahead of Prohibition. While the warehouse containing all of this whiskey suspiciously burned down soon afterwards, it’s thought that the stock likely found its way into the speakeasies of Chicago...

Today, Kentucky Owl flies again, and the Master Blender proudly shares the bourbon from the Dedman family created over 100 years ago. The modern day incarnation of this historic name in US distilling celebrates the best of the country’s whiskey through its limited releases, as well as its ongoing Confiscated bourbon.

In 1916, with Prohibition around the corner, the Federal Government seized 250,000 gallons of whisky from the Charles Mortimer Dedman family. Over 100 years later, Kentucky Owl™ Confiscated™ pays tribute to those lost barrels.

A departure from Kentucky Owl’s single-batch approach, Confiscated is a consistent, approachable blend that’s versatile yet robust.

Kentucky Owl’s master blender has intentionally created a big, characterful whiskey as an homage to the family’s history – a bourbon that stands up in cocktails just as well as it does neat or over ice.

To achieve this, he blends four distillates of 6, 9, 10 and 12 years of age. The result is a full-flavoured and even fuller-bodied bourbon.


Bottle Size: 70cl

48.2% ABV
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