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Domaine de la Renardiere - Vin Jaune - 2014

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This is a very special wine hailing from the tiny area of Jura, France (take a right at Lyon and head towards Switzerland) made from Savagnin, a native grape, in one of the four appellations of Jura: Arbois, Chateau-Chalon, Cotes du Jura or L’Etoile. This particular Vin de Juan comes from Arbois, the most Northerly appellation. Vin Jaune quite literally means ‘yellow wine,’ giving away a key characteristic to this wine: it is intensely coloured with strong gold hues. Aromatically it is also intense, with pronounced aromas of hazelnuts, soft spices, honey, almond, gingerbread, bread dough - and that’s just to name a few! These characteristics are due to the distinctive oxidative winemaking technique used to make Vin Jaune which sees the wine develop a layer of flor-type yeast in the headspace of the barrel which adds texture, flavour and protects the wine from spoiling whilst ageing. Due to this, Vin Jaune wines must be aged for for a minimum of 5 years, and can be aged for much longer than that. 

As well as having these flavour and aroma profiles, it is high in acidity and (more importantly) alcohol! Often a Vin Jaune is around 15% ABV, with total dryness. These certain aspects of the wine allow for it to be aged for decades, if you can resist opening it up…

Domaine de la Renardiere are a certified organic vineyard run by husband and wife team Jean-Michel and Laurence Petit.

Size: 62cl Bottle 
ABV: 15% 
Vintage: 2014
Country: France
Region: Jura - Arbois
Grape Variety: Savignin
Brand Name: Domaine de la Renardiere


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