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Founded in 1860 by Gaspare Campari, in the town of Novarra in the north western region of Piedmont. It wasnt until 1904 when Campari first began to be exported to Nice. Today it is distributed to over 190 countries.

Campari is a traditional bitter liqueur and considered to be an aperetif. Wildly popular in Italy, its distinctive red colour can be seen in glasses and mixed with soda water on the tables of Piazzas all over the country. Originally the red colour came from using carmine dye which comes from crushed cocchineal insects, this is not the case anymore; since 2006 - and due to pressure from the public the company ceased to use any animal ingredients. Campari is vegetarian although not vegan due to the minute quantities of gelatin used in the clarification process.

It's the key coctail ingredient in a Negroni, an Americano, a Garibaldi and a Spritz (with sparkling wine).

The bitter flavours are distinctly herbal.

Bottle Size:70cl


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