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Blanton's - Gold Edition - Single Barrel Bourbon

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The state of Kentucky provides the world with 95% of its Bourbon. The original settlers in America brought with them distilling know-how and most importantly - their stills from Scotland, Ireland and Germany. They quickly discovered that Kentucky was the ideal location to make fantastic whiskey. Kentucky is the perfect place to grow corn, the main ingredient in Bourbon, and the thing that gives Bourbon its distinctive sweetness. Huge differences in temperature in Kentucky also cause the oak barrels to absorb and release whisky during the aging process which is desirable and helps the ageing process enormously.

The founder of Blantons, master distiller Elmer T. Lee introduced the world to the first "super premium" whiskey and in doing so, revolutionised the entire bourbon industry. It can't be overstated just what a radical move this was - it completely changed peoples expectations and ideas about what bourbon was. Today, super-premium bourbon features on pretty much every bourbon distillers portfolio but Blantons was the first.

A superb single barrel bourbon. Blanton's Gold is distilled from a mashbill of corn, rye and malted barley. Each bottle is hand filled, sealed, labelled and individually numbered. The nose is powerful and dry with honey, rye, dried fruits, vanilla and chocolate. The palate is full and rich with honey and oak, pecan and caramel.

Fun Fact: The distincive horse and jockey on the top of the bottle is a distinctive trademark of Blantons. some people collect the set - each different stopper spells out the word BLANTONS and shows the horse and jockey in eight stages of the race.

70cl Bottle

Abv 51.5%

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