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Absinthe - Absente

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Made with the essence of grand wormwood, this French classic can be consumed as it comes or indeed in a variety of cocktails. Made by the distinguised Distilleries et domaines de Provence which has a rich history going back to 1898 in Forcaquier in Provence - the distillery has had a succession of owners over the years such as Henri Bardouin, the esteemed herbologist and distiller. 

The geographical location is a paradise for botanists because it is situated between the Alps and the Mediterranean - and benefits from a unique climate which encourages a multitude of flora and fauna. Naturally this gives easy access to such an abundance of botanicals used in the distillery to this day.

Absinthe was banned in several countries due to its controversial psychoactive properties. Absente is a modern take on absinthe, using legal, non-toxic ingredients to achieve a similar flavour profile.

For myself and my best friend, this is one of the best drinks in the world - not sure if the buzz is the wormwood, the company we're keeping or the high abv but one thing is for sure, it gets us feeling extremely good! This is a delicate blend - aniseed, mint and spices - sweet and delicious.

Bottle Size:70cl

Abv: 55%

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