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Abelha Organic Cachaca

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Cachaca is a distilled spirit made from freshly fermented sugar cane juice and it is only made in Brazil. The other, more famous spirit made from sugar is of course Rum but the difference is that Cachaca is made with freshly pressed sugar cane juice and this gives the spirit its classic raw, vegetal and fruity flavour. Rum is often made from sugar by-products such as molasses, giving a deeper more caramel flavour.

The other important differnce is that rum is usually aged in sherry or bourbon casks and Cachaca is often aged in native Brazilian wooden barrels. This imparts some unique, sweet flavours that are completely and utterly, unmistakably Brazilian.

We served Caiprinhas at our wedding and used organic Cachaca to welcome our guests at the evening do - and i have loved this drink ever since. Mix with sugar, mint and lime it's a refreshing drink at any time of the year. You can also serve it in shots.

The Abelha Organic Cachaca is unaged, and so was bottled immediately after distillation from the freshly cut sugar cane. The flavours are fresh and pure with a smooth dry finish.

Fun Fact: It's also known as aguardente

70cl Bottle

Abv 39%


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