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Table Beer

Discover the light, refreshing taste of table beers — perfect for any occasion and designed to complement a meal without overpowering it.

Our carefully curated table beers offer a diverse palette of flavours, from crisp and clean to subtly complex, all with a lower alcohol content to ensure you can enjoy them anytime. Embrace the tradition of leisurely dining with a perfectly paired table beer.

Table beer, traditionally known as a staple in European dining due to its refreshing nature and modest alcohol content, is experiencing a resurgence. At Seven Cellars, we embrace this brewing tradition, offering a range of table beers that are perfect for enhancing any dining experience without the heaviness of higher alcohol content.

Educational Insight: The History and Craft of Table Beer

  • Historical Roots: Originating from Europe, table beer was typically brewed for consumption within the family, including children. It was valued for its safety over water in times when public water systems were often contaminated.
  • Brewing Techniques: Modern brewing of table beer involves selecting yeast strains that deliver flavor without producing much alcohol. Brewers often focus on a balanced hop profile and use specialty grains to add complexity to the beer without increasing its strength.
  • Nutritional Benefits: Table beers are generally lower in calories compared to standard lagers or ales, making them a preferred choice for health-conscious consumers. Beer with lower alcohol content also reduces the overall calorie intake

Frequently Asked Questions

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For full information regarding our delivery please check out our shipping policy

How is table beer brewed differently from other craft beers?

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Table beer is brewed with specific yeast strains that ferment sugars into alcohol less efficiently, thereby reducing the alcohol content without compromising on flavor. Brewers may also use techniques like cold mashing or sparging to extract fewer fermentables from grains.

What are the main characteristics of table beer?

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The main characteristics of table beer include a light body, lower alcohol content, and a flavor profile that can range from hoppy and floral to malty and sweet, depending on the brewing style and ingredients used.

Can table beer be considered a session beer?

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Yes, due to its low alcohol content and high drinkability, table beer is considered a type of session beer, designed to be consumed in larger quantities over a longer period without resulting in intoxication.

Are there any special storage conditions for table beer?

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Like most beers, table beer should be stored in a cool, dark place to preserve its quality. However, since it is best consumed fresh, we recommend enjoying it within a few months of purchase to experience its optimal flavor profile.

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