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Domaine Les Bastides - Vin Cuit Provencal NV

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This amazing dessert wine from Provence has been made to pair with the traditional "13 desserts of Provence". 
This absolutely stunning wine is so exceptioonal - we are thrilled to be able to bring it to you and tell you how it has been made.

Firstly Vin Cuit means - "Cooked Wine".

The Grenache is gently pressed and the juice is put into a large open topped tank - which they call a cauldron. Yes they really do!

The juice is then heated to 95% over a naked flame - so almost boiling until the volume has reduced by about 30%.

Once reduced the juice is allowed to cool and the amazing thing is - then it ferments - perfectly naturally and spontaneously. This takes around a month.

The most ‘technical’ part of the process is the filtration. Given the wine is so viscous, it takes three separate attempts through diminishing levels of filtration to achieve a wine that is both clear and stable.

This is a remarkable wine. We have never had anything like it. It is delectable. It is simply world class.

It's sweet, and utterly drinkable, not just with sweet foods but cheeses too.

Bottle Size: 75cl
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