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A delightful sparkling wine, cava possesses its own unique character. Crafted from local grapes under the Spanish sun, cava often produces a light body, boasting citrus and apple notes, or a delightfully fruity rosé.

Every bottle of cava undergoes a traditional second fermentation in the bottle, creating a cascade of long-lasting bubbles that make it a refreshingly easy drink.

An affordable alternative to Champagne, still boasting quality, makes cava a popular choice for celebratory bubbles for the perfect gift.

Nestled in Spain, Cava emerges as a world renowned sparkling wine, known for its citrus aroma, savoury nutty flavours, with a long, bubbly finish. 

Produced using the traditional method for a bubbly experience, it is usually aged for a minimum of nine months. To sip a crisp and citrusy Cava, wine makers use local grapes like Macabeo, Parellada, and Xarel.lo in Spain.

To produce a rosé Cava, red grapes are pressed, then undergo the similar fermentation in the bottle method. This process results in a dry, yet persistent sparkly, fruity rosé wine.

Cava's fine aroma, with fruity hints can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with salmon, cheese and olives.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What grapes are used in Cava?

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The main grapes in Cava are three white Spanish varieties: Macabeo (floral aromas), Xarel.lo (acidity and structure), and Parellada (roundness). Additionally, Chardonnay can be used for richness, and red grapes like Pinot Noir, Garnacha, Monastrell, and Trepat are used to make rosé Cava through a special method called "Saignée."

How is Cava different from Champagne?

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Both use the traditional method, but Cava uses primarily Spanish grapes and tends to be more affordable. Champagne, originated from France, using french grapes, has stricter regulations and often a richer, more complex flavour profile due to longer ageing requirements.

Is Cava different from Prosecco?

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Cava: If you prefer a drier, more complex sparkling wine with finer bubbles, Cava might be your choice.

Prosecco: If you enjoy a lighter, fruitier style with a touch of sweetness and larger bubbles, Prosecco could be a better fit.

How to enjoy Cava?

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Cava is a versatile drink! Enjoy it as an aperitif, with tapas, seafood, or even dessert depending on the style. It's perfect for celebrations or simply enjoying a refreshing glass of bubbly.

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