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Unveiling Bacchus, your new favourite dry white wine. A crisp and refreshing choice packed with character, produced by celebrated winemakers across England and Europe.

The Bacchus brand name is inspired by the Roman ‘God of wine’, credited with discovering the art of wine making and bringing joy through it. With their lighter body, Bacchus white is often compared to Sauvignon Blanc, and enjoyed as an aperitif. Sip a selection of refreshing citrus and grassy aromas below, what's not to love?


A crisp and citrusy white, Bacchus wines are enjoyed for their lighter body, similar in profile to Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling.

Though originally developed in Germany, it is now particularly popular in England's cooler climate, and is grown and produced more locally than you think. Bacchus is produced best in dry and sunny vineyards.

Grapes are typically harvested in late September or early October when they reach optimal ripeness. Bacchus wines are fermented until the majority of the sweetness is converted to alcohol, resulting in a dry style. The specific growing conditions of this grape influence the final flavour profile of the wine.

Bacchus white can be enjoyed as an aperitif on its own, or paired with light flavours of cheese, seafood and chicken, bringing out a world of delightful light-bodied, crisp aromas.

Although famously known across England as a white grape, we also offer a red coloured Bacchus. Produced in Italy, full of delightful berries, it pairs perfectly with Pizza.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Bacchus wine taste like?

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Bacchus wines are known for their clean and crisp character. Packed with delightful aromas, expect notes of citrus, elderflower, and sometimes even a touch of grassiness. Embodying a dry taste profile, Bacchus is a perfect pairing to sip on summer days.

What food does Bacchus wine pair well with?

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Best served slightly chilled, due to its light and crisp nature. An aromatic Bacchus wine pairs well with lighter fare; such as seafood, salads, cheeses, or even spicy dishes.

Is Bacchus wine expensive?

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Bacchus wines generally fall into a moderate price range. This makes them a great option for those who want to explore a new white wine without breaking the bank. Grown locally in England, you will find a cheaper price point due to its smaller mileage to travel.

Where can I find Bacchus wine?

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As England's second most planted white grape, Bacchus wines are becoming more popular. Found across Europe also, as the combination of cooler climates, dry and sunny spots produce the best chemistry of grapes.

Your local and online wine shop, like Seven Cellars, has a growing selection waiting to be discovered.

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