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Wine On Tap

Wine On Tap

Come and try our wine on tap at Seven Cellars. Its better than recycling – just wash out your used screw cap wine bottles and refill them here in store. These low carbon footprint wines are from Northern Italy (Friuli) and taste absolutely fantastic. They are fully vegan (you might be surprised to know that most wines are not) because they use potato protein to clarify the wines rather than the more often used casein (milk derivative) albumen (egg derivative) or isinglass (fish derivative).

We use a small importer and wholesaler and with a great reputation (ok – full disclosure, its actually my other business) but we’ve been very active at festivals, pop-ups and the craft bar scene for the last 5 years and you can find our wine at places such as in Brighton in London and amongst others.

Since almost every bottle of wine is new on bottling, this is a wonderful way to reduce your packaging consumption. This reduces the need to recycle too by re-using and refilling. The kegs are also much lighter than the equivalent 32 bottles to transport and so we’re also using less fuel to get them from Italy to the UK. For more information, call in store or speak to

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