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WhisKY or WhisKEY - What's the Difference?

WhisKY or WhisKEY - What's the Difference?

Ever wondered if there was a difference between the spellings for a reason or whether it was one of those words people just didn’t really know how to spell?!

Well, it turns out there is a difference!

The difference comes from the different Gaelic translations of the word from their respective origins in Ireland and Scotland. With Ireland’s strong ties to America, this has also been passed down the years in history to be used as the USA’s spelling of the word.

When we’re talking about WHISKY we’re referring to the Scottish and Japanese spelling – Japanese Whiskies are also crafted in the Scottish style. With Speyside as the home to the two best-selling and recognisable Single Malts in the world (Glenfiddich and Glenlivet) the area has a rich representation for world class Scotch – represented in the Benromach Classic Speyside Single Malt. A subtly smoky, creamy dram with hints of vanilla and toastiness in equal measure.

The term WHISKEY originates from Ireland and crossed the seas to the USA. When considering American Whiskies particularly, a marked difference in flavour would be due to the use of American oak barrels that impart more flavours of vanilla, smoke and create a change in texture. For instance; Blantons, a single barrel Kentucky Bourbon, has all the trademark vanilla notes you would expect from a whiskey like this, but is superbly rounded out with a dry, charcoal edge and has a caramel/toffee like finish. This is truly a remarkable bottle of whiskey and cannot be recommended enough to try!

Both whiskies mentioned are currently available for sale, both in the shop and online!

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