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Non alcoholic craft beer choices at seven cellars

What to drink when you're not drinking?

The popularity of "dry january" has many independent wine merchants getting high on their own supply and reaching for an alcoholic drink or two at this time of year for sure. Perhaps the instagram generation have discovered they don't look as hot as they think they do on a night out on the booze for all to see, maybe the much maligned millennial drinker has decided to enjoy great drinks in moderation? Or could it be that they have seen enough of their generation x mum and dad getting sloshed on cheap wine and have decided its entirely uncool. Whatever it is, the fact remains that sales of alcoholic drinks are showing a dramatic downwards trend across the whole of Europe. With this in mind, it's probably time for Seven Cellars to embrace this and start to provide some grown up, tasty alternatives to alcohol. . Firstly we discovered Big Drop Brewing Co.  A couple of years ago, founder Rob Fink realised the lack of craft low and no alcoholic beers in the market so created Big drop as the first craft brewery dedicated to this niche market. The beers are full flavoured and delicious, and were launched to great acclaim. Many of the beers have won awards too. You must try the stout, pale ale and my favourite, the sour. We also stock the spiced ale. Of course, we ought to mention Seedlip as the first non-alcoholic and no sugar spirit on the market;  a bit like gin, you can have it with tonic and you certainly don't feel hard done by if you're the driver on a night out with one or two of these to drink. The flavour is decidedly aromatic and fully flavoured. Pair with garnishes and ice. Fierce botanic tonic is an absolute delight too - made by three women from nearby in Lewes, mixed and blended using local roots, herbs, spices, florals, barks, seeds and leaves. We love it and recommend it to anyone looking for a lovely drop of something with no alcohol. Of course, Kombucha is a gorgeous treat too when you've decided to cut out or cut down your alcohol consumption. We stock a few now such as Bia Brews, and Jarr Kombucha as well as Old Tree live botanical brews Kombucha, amongst others. I really enjoy the flavours. We also love that it is made in Brighton and they work so hard to provide an evolving and exciting range of good-for-you probiotic drinks. We also stock a growing range of drinks from Square root, a London based soda company including ginger beer, not gin and tonic and an extraordinary rhubarb sour. So do try our non-alcoholic offerings - not just for January but all throughout the year, we'll keep adding to the range as long as people want to keep buying them. What I particularly love is how so many of them are small and start-up businesses just like ours.
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