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What to Drink at Easter?

What to Drink at Easter?

What to drink at Easter?

The Seven Cellars answer to this question would always be ,”Drink whatever you enjoy, there are no right or wrong answers, it is all about personal enjoyment”. 

However, outside of Christmas dinner, the big food pairing question every wine merchant gets is about what to eat with Easter lunch. Now I know, that sadly, many of us will not be sitting round the table with all of the people we would normally like to spend time with on Sunday. Perhaps some of you will attempt a virtual lunch on Zoom, WhatsApp or some other social networking media, though that could get a bit weird with all the gravy sloshing around.

 So, for those of you who are meat eaters and are going down the traditional lamb route, the traditional recommendation would always be Pinot Noir. It is a light to medium bodied wine that won’t overpower the lighter red meat flavours of lamb, and since it is primarily a cool climate wine, the higher acidity will assist with balancing the fat content of the lamb.

 We have lots of different Pinot Noir wines available at Seven Cellars at different price points, so I have picked out a few from the range and their different styles, with a few extra factoids.

Calusari Pinot Noir (Pictured, Romania)- £8.50. This is one of our most popular wines. Very easy to drink and offers light and smooth blackcurrant flavours. Stick it in the fridge and have it chilled if that is your preference.

 Santa Macarena Pinot Noir (Chile) £10.50 – Another popular wine in a modern and smooth style. Easy drinking but slightly more body than the Calusari. Again, serve chilled if you wish. The weather is due to be good this weekend.

 Moulin de Gassac Pinot Noir (France) £10.95 – From one of the best producers in Southern France with a strong environmental ethos. A wine designed to compete with the so called New World, so another easy drinker.

 Snapper Rock Pinot Noir (New Zealand) - £14.50 – New Zealand was the pioneer of the modern, smooth Pinot Noir style, and this example shows that, but also has a more premium fruit and spice note.

 Kelley Fox – Maresh Pinot Noir (Oregon) – £62.50 These days Oregon is seen as the world’s trendiest region for modern Pinot Noir. This is the kind of wine Miles would have wanted to drink in Sideways (if you haven’t seen it watch the film over Easter, it is brilliant.

 We have a number of other Pinot Noir based wines, including quite a few from the classic Burgundy region (the home of Pinot Noir and the world’s most expensive wine DRC – which we don’t sell) but I don’t want to make it too much like homework. Hope the Easter Bunny brings you something nice (we can deliver to a friend of course).

Have a good one, in isolation or with your family. Stay Safe and Stay at home.

Louise x

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