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Cheers to Cider: Let's delve into the Similarities between Cider and Wine!

Cheers to Cider: Let's delve into the Similarities between Cider and Wine!

We love our wine at Seven Cellars of course, but in this blog post we'd like to encourage you to embark on a delightful journey that will open your palate to a whole new world of flavours. While wine is obviously the go to choice for many, let's take a moment to explore the captivating realm of cider. Join us as we unravel the intriguing similarities between these two libations and discover why cider deserves a place on your tasting radar! We dare you to take a bottle to your next dinner party!

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Terroir: Where the Magic Begins

Ah, terroir - the magical essence of a drinks birthplace. Just like wine, the flavour in cider is intricately tied to its terroir. Every apple is infused with the land it calls home - chalky or clay soils will produce a discernible difference in the final product even if they are the same apple variety. Soils rich in minerals or with a specific Ph level will affect the growth of the tree and the flavour intensity. The climate influences the cider flavour too; cooler climates produce apples with a higher acidity thus producing cider that is crisp and tart. Warmer climates yield apples with a sweeter, fruit-forward flavour profile.

apple orchard


A Symphony of Flavours: Cider & Wine

Just as wine boasts an impressive range of flavours and styles, cider has its own diversity. From bone-dry to off-dry and from sweet to fruity, the styles of cider are as diverse as the varietals in the wine world. different apple varieties impact the flavour of cider in the same way as grape varieties do.

Farmhouse Cider – Hecks CiderExperimentation: The Key to Cider Exploration

Why stick to the usual when you can embark on a cider adventure? wine lovers are known for their adventurous spirit when it comes to exploring different grape varieties, and cider offers a similar opportunity for discovery. Pilton Cider has award winning creations that would not be out of place on any dining table with the refreshing crispness and citrus hints that would pair really well with lots of different dishes. Ascension Cider on the other hand creates aromatic and semi-sweet ciders. Try a bottle fermented sparkling cider as an alternative to sparkling wine perhaps or go for a cider that has been spontaneously fermented using natural yeasts to satisfy wine drinkers who love to go for natural wines. Dare to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Pairing Pleasures: Cider's Versatility 

One of the most exciting aspects of cider is its versatility when it comes to food pairings. While wine has long dominated the pairing scene, cider holds its own with an array of dishes. Crisp acidity in cider compliments seafood and light salads brilliantly.  Do pair with seasonal vegetables - especially roasted onions and fennel it's blooming delicious. Semi sweet ciders are a dream match for spicy dishes - try it with tacos for a surprising blend with those Mexican spices. Sweet cider is especially good with Thai food. A still Breton cider will match with a slow cooked dish or with roast dinner (meat or veggie). And let's not forget dessert - a sweet cider will effortlessly pair with apple-pie, cinnamon doughnuts and also with the cheese board (sweet cider and blue cheese especially).

Embrace the Cider Adventure

At Seven Cellars we are wine lovers and we are creatures of exploration and appreciation for the finer things in life. With cider, we have a golden opportunity to expand our horizons and delight in a world of flavours that rival even the most revered wines. Whether you seek a refreshing dry cider, a semi-sweet one or a bottle fermented sparkler we have got you covered. Let's raise our glasses to cider and embark on the journey.


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