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River Antoine Estate - Rivers Royale Grenadian Rum - Grenada

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Established in 1785, The River Antoine Estate Distillery has been producing rum using the same methods for 230+ years. The locally grown sugar cane is still crushed in the a mill powered by the original 18th century water wheel. The juice collected from the crushed sugar cane is naturally fermented with wild yeasts in the open air for 10 days. After fermentation the liquid is distilled in a pot still, heated by an open fire, and bottled straight from the still.

A fresh, fruity rum on the nose, on the palate the alcohol is almost overpowering but don't give up as you'll be rewarded with sweet, grassy flavours.

As an overproof rum it's worth trying with water and ice or use in a Pina Colada.

Bottle Size: 70cl
ABV: 69%
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