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Mezcal Verde

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Mezcal Verde is a type of mezcal that is made from the Espadin agave plant. It is produced in the Oaxaca region of Mexico and is an extremely popular drink among locals and visitors alike. The mezcal is known for its unique and complex flavour profile which includes smoke, herb and earth.

The production of mezcal verde involves roasting the agave in an underground pit oven. This gives it the typical smoky taste. Once roasted, the agave is mashed using a large stone wheel and the juice is extracted and fermented in wooden vats. This fermented juice is then distilled twice in traditional copper pot stills to give a smooth and full-bodied flavour.

The technique used to make mezcal is steeped in traditon and has been passed down through the generations of mezcaleros. Each mezcalero has their own unique recipe and method resulting in a vast array of flavours and styles.

The distillery that produces mezcal verde is owned by a local family who have been producing mezcal for over 100 years. There is a strong commitment to preserving traditional methods of production whilst also balancing the need for sustainability and conservational practices. They source their agave from local farmers who use environmentally friendly techniques. They recycle everything they can to minimise their environmental impact to the world.

Mezcal Verde is gaining popularity among the bar-tenders and mixologists who appreciate its complexity and versatility. It is fantastic for cocktail making - (mezcal negroni's are a thing now dont you know!) But we all know the bliss of a simple twist of lime with a nice cold shot.
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