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Tossolini Liqueur Fragola

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 Founded in Friuli in 1943 in north eastern Italy By Bepi Tosolini after he began to distil the drink grappa. Until then all grappa was made crudely by home distillers with the left overs from wine production. It had a terrible reputation for poor quality and was drunk by the extremely poor as an alternative to some of the more expensive ways of enjoying alcohol. Bepi decided to create a quality spirit so set about perfecting the technique. His wife was instrumental to the success of the business and managed the business side of things, allowing for Bepi to travel around Italy and concentrate on selling the product. This eventually made Bepi very successful and by 1973 he had completed a new distillery in Udine in Italy where is is to this day.


The fregola liqueur is made by infusing small, wild strawberries in alcohol for approximately 4 months. If you see the bottle, there are about 50 tiny strawberries floating in the liquid. Flavours of fresh ripe strawberry predominate and lush, sweet jam.

Bottle Size: 70cl

Abv: 24%


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