Tiefenbrunner Gewurztraminer

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The town of Cortaccia or Kurtatsch sits almost exactly halfway between the cities of Trento and Bolzano (or Bozen), close to the border between the two halves of the autonomous province of Trentino-Alto Adige, aka Trentino-Südtirol. Confused yet? Well, this is a complicated part of Europe - officially Italian, partly independent, mostly German-speaking - because it has changed hands several times, amid times of terrible conflict.

One thing however has remained constant. Whether part of the Austro-Hungarian Grafschaft of Tirol, annexed by Italy or, as these days, inside an EU Euroregion - the town is also on the region’s Weinstraẞe, or Via del Vino, and the Tiefenbrunner family have been making exceptional wines here for 170 years.

In fact, the area’s history goes back further than that. Archaeological evidence points to human settlement dating back to the Stone Age. There was a Linticlar estate (now known as Niclara/Entiklar) registered in land records as far back as 1225. The first winery at Castel Turmhof was built in 1848 (one of the oldest established in the Südtirol) and, within 10 years, its “spicy white wine” (presumably a Gewürztraminer) won an award at a national agricultural show (the nation being the Tirol at the time).

Towards the end of World War II - yet another turbulent time for the region, as for most of Europe - 15-year-old Herbert Tiefenbrunner became a winemaker on the family estate. In 1968, he brought the operation into the modern era. Instead of selling barrels and demijons to local wine merchants, he began to bottle his wines and sell to a wider clientele of connoisseurs. The same year, his wife Hilde opened the Jausenstaution, a café serving Südtirolean specialities. The estate has since become a destination winery, with visitors walking off a good lunch accompanied by Tiefenbrunner wines with a tour of the beautiful castle gardens and cellars.

An aromatic, floral, dry white wine with pear and Lychee notes on the nose; refreshing lime and rose water notes on the palate. Easy drinking and pairs well with sea food and Asian cuisine.

12% Abv


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