Raboso Casa Belfi Col Fondo

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Casa Belfi is situated in Piave in Northern Italy. The estate works organically with natural manures and green fertilisers to achieve the healthiest possible grapes. They use biodynamic practices as well and now in full conversion.

Vinification is also natural carbonic masceration The juice is then fermented in stainless steel tanks with indigenous yeasts at a cool temperature. The wine is bottled according the Maria Thun biodynamic calendar, after which, the wine completes its secondary fermentation as the residual sugars are transformed by the yeasts into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

There is no added sulphur or filtering or fining, of course. The wine is simple, old fashioned "farmer style" wine made  without filtering or clarification. It's sparkling, tannic with fine and persistent bubbles and with mulberry fruits and sweet spices, it's not too ripe at all. The freshness is perfection for a picnic. You must serve chilled.  


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