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Nikka - Taketsuru - Pure Malt Whisky

Nikka - Taketsuru - Pure Malt Whisky

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Masataka Taketsuru was born into a sake brewing family in Hiroshima in 1894. His love of brewing sent him to Scotland as a young man where he took an apprenticeship at the Longmorn Distillery in Speyside and began to discover how to make malt whisky. After a second apprenticeship at James Calder in Bo'ness, he mastered how to make coffey grain whisky. Not quite finished his whisky discovery - he also travelled to Campbelltown to learn the art of blending whisky and malt whisky production. On his return to Japan, he oversaw the building of the Yamazaki Distillery for Suntory. 10 years later, he began work on his own distillery and in 1940 his first whisky "Nikka Whisky" was launched.

Since then, Nikka has gone from strength to strength, gaining international recognition as an excellent distillery, making incredible whiskies that are now sold across the globe.

Taketsuru is a blended malt whisky that is named after the intrepid founder and showcases their technical excellence in the art of blending combining the gentle flavours of malt and fruit to create a whisky that has balance and poise.

Bottle Size: 70cl

43% ABV

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