I Think Manzanilla En Rama

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Bringing en rama sherry to the market is one of the most exciting recent developments in the sherry industry. Rama means "branch" and en rama translates as "on the branch" or in other words "RAW". That’s exactly what it is - raw sherry, in its natural state, straight from the cask and into the bottle.

Unfortunately sherry wines as a whole, and Fino and Manzanilla in particular, usually undergo excessively heavy filtering and clarifying. This is the result of the consumer’s preference for clear, pale, light wines that go well with food, and the producer’s quest for more stable and consistent wines with a longer shelf life. This filtering process takes out flor residues and impurities, but also a lot of colour and – most importantly – a whole lot of flavour as well. The only way to try this kind of raw sherry would be in Andalucia at one of the Bodegas or stores that sell sherry in bulk. Slowly though, the industry is realizing that there’s a growing consumer interest for a more genuine style of sherry that hasn’t been modified by a series of pre-bottling manipulations.

Powerfully aromatic. Fresh, with a salty tang, with plenty of acidity together with a very satisfying lemon twist to the finish.

ABV: 15%

Bottle Size: 37.5cl





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