G. Miclo Kirsch Eau de Vie

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The term Eau de Vie literally translates as "water of life". It is a fruit based drink that is fermented and then double distilled. Eau de Vie can be made of any fruit based drink other than grapes. If it were grapes, of course it would then be known as brandy.

This Kirsch is produced by Gilbert Miclo in the Alsatian villiage of Lapoutrie founded in 1962. It has an outstanding reputation for producing world class distillations and its drinks feature in many of the worlds most highly rated michelin starred restaurants. A quality cherry eau-de-vie (not to be confused with cherry brandy, which is actually a liqueur). Claimed to be the oldest fruit used to make eau-de-vie, this example is dry and perfect for a postprandial drink.

40% Abv


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