Jagermeister Miniature

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Jagermeister is a German digestif made with 56 herbs and spices made in Lower Germany. The remarkable story goes something like this; Wilhelm Mast was a vinegar manufacturer and wine merchant in the city of Wolfenbutel and his son Curt was a spirit and liqueur enthusiast. When he finally took over control of his fathers business, he began development of a new liqueur, finally launching in 1934. Keen hunter, he took the name Jagermeister which translated means Master of the Hunt, and it appealed to blue collar Germans as a post dinner digestif aid.  

 It was American entrepreneur and promotional and marketing genius Sidney Frank who brought it to international attention by marketing it to the youth and student market. He single handedly took a conservative niche product and turned it into the drink of choice for a student party.

35% Abv



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