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Hyakujyuro - Red Face - Junmai Karakuchi

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Hayashi Honten is a new and innovative brewery in the city of Gifu, Japan. Their driving focus is on 'remembering the old while embracing the new' - a sentiment very evident in their work as they produce new and exciting products using old school techniques and crafting everything by hand. They source their water from the Nagara and Kiso rivers which flow through the city of Gifu from the Dainichigatake Mountains, or the 'Japanese Alps.'

With the distinctive Kabuki mask design, the Hayashi Honten sakes are instantly recognisable - and Red Face is no different. The sake is made to be an easy drinking, eveery day sake that lends itself well to pairing with lots of different types of food, particularly dishes such as fresh seafood and creamy cheeses. 

Size: 72cl Bottles
Abv: 15%
Country: Japan
Region: Gifu
Style: Junmai Sake
Method and production: Contains gluten
Brand name: Hayashi Honten
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