Dealto Crianza Rioja

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Rioja is a large region in Spain and like Champagne is dominated by a small number of sizeable producers whose size dictates that they buy in grapes and large amounts of bulk wine from growers and cooperatives. This cannot be said for Dealto Rioja which is run by the Manzanos family, which grow and make wine from their own vines only. This is a fruity, young style rioja. Serve with food such as stewed lamb, roasted vegetables, tapas style dishes, olives, tomato based sauces and full flavoured cheeses.


Fun Fact: Rioja has different styles depending on how much ageing the wine has had. On the label, if it says “Rioja” only it means it has had no or very little oak aging. If it says “Crianza” it has had 1 year in oak and 1 year in the bottle. If it says “Reserva” it has had 1 year in oak and 2 years in bottle. If it says “Gran Reserva” it’s had 2 years aging in oak and 3 years in the bottle before release.

Lovely aromas of wild red berries, blossom, nutmeg and hints of sandalwood. Fresh, fruity and well balanced with sensations of raspberries, vanilla and cinnamon. 

Dealto Crianza

Vintage: 2013

ABV: 13.5%





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