Chateau La Gorce

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Château la Gorce can be found about 7 km to the north of St. Estèphe in the prestigious sub region of Bordeaux called the Medoc, on the left hand side of the Gironde river. There 37 hectares of vineyard that stretch out around the property, which are in immaculate condition.


Medoc wine producers can submit their wines to an independent committee who will deem if the wine is good enough to be classified as a Cru Bourgeois. This classification is a good quality marker for the wine consumer and worth keeping an eye out for.


The wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and in true left bank style the percentage of the former is slightly higher. A right bank wine (right side of the Gironde) would be Merlot dominant and in some cases 100% produced from Merlot.


Winemaker, Henri Fabre uses 20% new oak barrels each year for aging and makes a wine that always exhibits a rich and juicy fruit base while still maintaining a classical foothold.


Rust-red in colour, filled with dark cherry and blackberry aromas. The palate delivers richer dark fruit notes and while the tannins are notable they’re balanced well with strawberry and blackberry flavours through the middle, with vanilla and earthy herb notes rounding out the finish. Overall this wine is powerful and concentrated; a modern style of Bordeaux, made for relatively early drinking and as a result good to enjoy now.


Pair with hearty red meat dishes; roast beef, venison and particularly grilled or roast lamb as well as British hard cheese.


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