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Angostura Orange Bitters

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Angostura is one of the Carribeans' leading producers of Rums and Bitters, and the history of the business can be traced back to 1824 with the invention of aromatic bitters used for medicinal practices in the town of Angostura in Venezuela.The business tranferred to Trinidad about 50 years later and was by then very successful and exporting to other countries world-wide. It wasn't until almost another 50 years later that the business employed a master distiller and began its rum production, and gradually they became phenominally successful and well known as one of the worlds leaders in the manufacture of fine rums. 

Fun Fact: In many countries Angostura Bitters is classified as a food and so not subject to alcohol duties. In the UK this classification was changed recently and so it is now subject to duty charges. This is why the price has changed considerably (not such a fun fact after all)...

A unique blend of natural herbs and spices, Angostura Bitters is used in cocktails and as a flavour enhancer in cooking. Made in Trinidad & Tobago with the same ingredients since 1824 from plant and herb extracts, it's a must-have for a well-stocked drinks cabinet. Angostura Orange Bitters is used as a substitute for orange zest in all food and drink recipes - it works really well when used with clear spirits such as gin, vodka and white rum. Its rich and bold flavours are derived from an array of unique and local herbs and spices and it's made from the peel of Caribbean oranges.

100ml Bottle

28% ABV

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