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Whisk(e)y (old)

Whisky or Whiskey is made from fermented grain mash. The grains, which are often malted could be barley, corn, rye or wheat. It’s often aged in wooden casks for many years, and it is rather delicious. The spelling of Whisky or Whiskey can often get people in a bit of a tizz - essentially, it’s just geography.  Whisky – assume its Scottish and Japanese– Whiskey assume Irish and American. There’s no need to be rude about it!

Whisky has been getting extraordinarily popular lately. There have been times when we have had a new whisky in and it has sold out online in, well about 3 minutes flat. We now avoid this happening by not putting those rare ones on the website straight away so we can let our Seven Dials residents enjoy the opportunity to buy some of the rarer ones.

Whisky does not age in the bottle, the age of the whisky refers only to the time in oak cask – that lovely few years in-between the distillation and bottling where the spirit gains flavour from extraction, oxidation, evaporation and concentration. Very recently aging in casks that have previously contained sherry, red wine, rum, or bourbon have been becoming more popular.

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