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Madre Mezcal 20cl

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This mezcal Madre is made in an attempt to redefine the perception that all mezcal is overly smoky.  The flavors of Espadin and Cuishe agaves have been balanced to perfection. It’s an ideal first taste for a new mezcal drinker and is a superb everyday sipper for the mezcal aficionado. 

Using the same artisanal processes used for centuries, every drop of this wonderful mezcal is cram-packed with the natural tastes of the agave and the earth from which it comes. 

The flavour profile offers subtle smoky and sweet notes, accentuated by a delicious sweet grassy, earthy fragrance. Herbal flavours of sage and a lingering floral finish.

This is a 20cl bottle - perfect for picnics or gift ideas!

Abv: 45%

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