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Ideas for snacks to go with Drinks

We've recently updated our snack and deli selection to bring you some delicious foods from around the world. Now we are happy to provide you with some classic food and wine/beer pairings without the hassle of having to shop elsewhere.

We've personally selected every food item as an ideal partner for our wines and beers. Here's 7 of our favourite pairings.

1. Smoked Brindisa Almonds and Tio Pepe En Rama - Serve this fantastic sherry chilled with these delightful smoked almonds - sherry can handle strong flavours so the sherry would also be a winner with our cured charcuterie selection. 

2. Sauvignon Blanc and goats cheese biscuits - for those in the know, Sauvignon Blanc and goats cheese go together like shamma lamma lamma lamma ba dinkiba dinky donk. Its a classic. 

3. Buttery chardonnay and black olive paste. Treat wines like these two stunners from chardonnay master Tony Bish are incredibly delicious on their own but when paired with a distinctive and strongly flavoured black olive tapernade, the contrast works and both flavours are complimented brilliantly.

4. Lambrusco/ Cab Franc and Charcuterie - Lambrusco is a red sparkling wine from the wonderful region of Emilia- Romagna, famously known as the foodie region of Italy. Many of Italy's most famous foods come from this region - proscuitto di parma, parmigiano cheese, balsamico di moderna, spaghetti bolognese( ragu). This is certainly one of my favourite wines and i keep hoping it'll get the recognition it so deserves. Please don't get mixed up with the student pre-loader lambrini - this is not that! Lambrusco is an elegant, savoury, dry sparkling wine. It's fresh and tastes fantastic with cured meats. Our natural wine is earthy and a wonderful introduction to this superb wine if you've never tried it before.

5. Torres Crisps and Beer... these crisps are the best in the world. They'll probably go with milk in a cereal bowl for breakfast if you fancy that! The flavours are natural, the crisps are crispy. They are not necessarily vegetarian - the caviar ones have real caviar in them as do the jamon ones have ham. The truffle ones are vegan though - please ask if unsure. A perfect snack to pair with just about anything really - but they're particularly lovely with a chilled IPA or Pilsner.

6 Pinot Noir and Chocolate - ok this one needed some serious research... I believe the research is tax deductible right? I've toiled! I've had to try loads. This is what I found out: The combination works amazingly well because the ripe fruit along with a silky tannins in Pinot Noir work brilliantly with the smoothness of chocolate. You could also go for a medium bodied merlot, which will do a similar job. You must choose the right wine and the right chocolate. We have some gorgeous chocolates, depending on your tastes from darkest dark to an organic milk chocolate. 

7. Whisky. This is a teeny bit controversial; is it really an appropriate drink for any food pairing? I happen to think it  most certainly is. There are of course lots of flavour profiles for whisky and so its not a one stop shop suits all. Dark Chocolate - or dark orange flavoured chocolate is a delicious discovery. The citrus notes in some scotch enhances the orange in the chocolate perfectly, as does a good quality chocolate flavoured with ginger as I'm sure you can imagine.

Smokey whisky and aged cheddar - yes, its fabulous.  Blue cheese is a good match for spicy whisky. Finally, smoked salmon matches very well with rye based bourbon. The smokey flavour of the salmon enhances the fruit flavour in the bourbon. Since we don't yet sell cheese or salmon, you'll have to just believe me or try for yourself and let me know in the comments. 

Thanks for reading!

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